Oh god kids.   Voiceover.

Its such a strange world.  Voices detached from faces, throwing words at you, forcefully selling, blabbering on and on.  As you could imagine, a profession such as this attracts a wide array of characters.  We’ve all heard the stories…that movie voice guy made millions, and only worked a few hours a day!  Well, those stories are true, there are several people out there like that.  You know what the difference between them and you is?  They have unbelievable talent.  Not simply fantastic god given voices, but serious acting ability.

Voice over is just acting. It’s conveying a message through your voice alone.  Compared to other professions, say being a schoolteacher or a garbage man, its incredibly easy.  You talk in front of a mic for a living.  But just like on screen acting, its filled with hacks.  The majority of these people are terrible.  Yes, everyone can do a movie voice guy impression, but is anyone going to PAY you to do one?  Probably not.

The other day, I had the opportunity to hear a voice over reel so amazing, so utterly fantastically appalling, that it flipped a switch in my brain.  I just couldn’t let it go.  I’ve seen the worst.  One day I will fill a book with the amazing things you can see when you combine a profession where appearance is irrelevant, as are social skills in many cases.  But this was a new level.

Now because of my respect for privacy, I will not post the recording here, that would be wrong.  What I will post, is my response to it.  In 25 minutes, I wrote, recorded, and mixed a response reel.  Now, 20 of those minutes were spent trying to get through copy without laughing, the other 5 were spent in a mode I like to call “The VO Genius Zone” Steve Ultimate VO DemoSteve Ultimate VO Demo