I Do Not Like The Beatles.

I don’t like The Beatles.  There, I said it.  It felt good to get that out there.

I never have, ever since middle school.  Something about it just didn’t sit right with me. I tried to pretend at times, in the Napster/Limewire heyday downloading select songs, and listening for a bit, but the charm just wore off.

Yes, they wrote beautifully crafted songs.  Perfect melodies.  Groundbreaking arrangements.  But so fucking what?  To me, most of it seems to come from a self satisfied point of view, with an uptight feel, lacking any real darkness or mystery.  Rock music is about the mystery, the unknown, ghosts and shit.  It all came from blues…that’s all blues was! Pain and ghosts. It just may be the whitest music of all time.


You could make the point that The Beatles were just a pop group writing pop songs for the masses, but some people don’t seem comfortable with that.

This leads us to the Stones Vs Beatles question.

The world is not divided into Beatles and Stones people.  It’s divided into Beatles people, and people who enjoy other types of music, and don’t believe in putting a god like figure (or group of figures) at the top of it.  Beatles fans are really not that far off from The Tea Party.  Funny how that works, isn’t it? Lennon is definitely Regan.

If anything, it’s comparable to Mac or PC, in which case the Beatles people are definitely the PC, no getting around that.


It’s not that I hate every Beatles song.  If it’s on in a bar, I won’t go into a rant (maybe a small one.) It’s just that I would almost always rather listen to something else.  My choice of song to play will not be a Beatles song.  Unless it’s Desmond Decker’s instrumental of “Love Me Do.”  If I want some beautiful orchestral pop, I’ll listen to Harry Nilsson.  If I want a British sounding rock song, I’ll listen to The Who.  And If I want someone heavily influenced by American rhythm and blues music, yes, I’ll listen to The Stones.   For the life of me, I just can’t imagine a time when I think “You know what I need to hear right now?  A Beatles Song!”

Just had to get that out there.  Thank you for listening.


Wait a minute, what happened?  Where am I?  How did I get here?

All common questions, but let’s forget about those for now.  We’re back in action.

I just returned from a brief jaunt to Taiwan for the wedding of Web Master Eric Tarn, and it was a lovely time.  Let’s call it our wedding party world tour, since technically we formed a band that went through a lineup change and played 2 nights.  The performances consisted of one song one night, and 2 songs the next, and I sat in with a strange miscellaneous European dude, in Taiwan looking for a bride, who just wanted to play rockabilly tunes, but let’s not get caught up in the details.


It’s a wonder what jet lag and watery Taiwan Beer can do to a group of out of towners! There’s a strange little ex-pat music scene, where international business people go to play classic rock jams at all hours of the evening on a Wednesday.  Very strange.  It felt like we were in a Terry Gilliam movie at times, and that’s pretty much where I want to be cinematic-ally when having a surreal travel experience.


In what may have been the greatest wedding band decision of all time, a local Taiwanese Ska Band was hired for the reception, and it was fantastic.  Some old R&B covers, some traditional swing songs, all fantastic.  We even drank enough Taiwan Beer to get up and play a few numbers


Note Mr Tarn looking extra McCartney-like in his grey 3 piece suit and Hofner bass.  Was it any good?  I have no idea!  But it was a great time.   That’s all for now.  Workin on some new ideas.