Damn you, Martin Guitars.


Since there’s no price listed, and the briefly available Tweedy Breedlove was quite a few thousand dollars…you have to assume this one will be up there.  My first expensive guitar was a Martin D-28, which I swept many a floor and painted many a panel to purchase.  It retrospect, I sometimes wish it were a Gibson J-45.  The Martin sounds beautiful, its just a little too folk-y for some occasions.  Also, visually, its just not that cool.  And in this TMZ Kashardian world we live in, its all about the visuals.

In all seriousness, those dreadnaught Martins just don’t look that cool (at least when brand new)   So I have great respect for Tweedy and whoever designed this guitar, for changing that color.  Super cool sunburst.

Tweedy played the Bowery Ballroom last year solo acoustic, with several Martin parlor sized guitars, and one Gibson Jumbo.  I’m not sure of the model, but it had an awesome “BUCK” logo engraved in the pick guard. The first song he played with it, he messed up some chords, and apologized…he was distracted by the giant sound of the guitar.

And here it is!
And there it is!

It’s easy to overlook the fact that these instruments were designed in an era before amplification.  They were built to be heard over other instruments.  I heard someone comment recently that a violin is built like a little concert hall.  This photo essay demonstrates that


A few years back while traveling with a musical outfit in Canada, a friend and I bumped into a childhood guitar hero.  I had met him at a guitar workshop when I was about 14….so another 14 years had passed.  Martin had just built him a signature guitar, and he had serial number 2 with him.  You could literally feel the joy he took in it.  He pulled it right out of the case and handed it to us, like a kid showing you some toys.  Only this guy was 70.  He might have literally said “eh? pretty cool right?” Or I might have imagined that.  It was a surreal and beautiful moment.

What must it feel like to be so known for an instrument, that a 125 year old company models one after you.  Maybe its just another day for those guys.