EDM: The True Sign You Are Getting Old

That’s all we’re hearing about these days.  The DJ’s.  Everyone is making a mix.  Reggie Watts references Skrillex in concert.  Portlandia takes on everyone who has a DJ night.  All of your friends on the tail end of their sketchy drug culture days are going to some “Electric Daisy” thing, where you see three days of DJ’s in a stadium parking lot.

To me, that sounds exactly like hell.


About 7 years ago, some friends and I went to a West Chelsea club to see Armin Van Buren.  Yes, I know, I have no idea how it happened, we were young and up for adventure.  I believe the tickets were about $45.  We waited on line outside, then waited at the bar inside, then waited in the crowd.  Forever.  The dude showed up hours late, even the promoter came out and apologized.  He got on the stage, opened a laptop, and played some thumping bass jams.  It did not connect, and we left after about 20 minutes.


Maybe this music resonates with the next emerging generation.  The first music they heard was a compressed Mp3 on little white ear buds.  Perhaps evolution is at work and their ears cannot hear the incredibly tinny highs and obnoxious lows.  I simply do not understand it.

Some people love girl talk.  LOVE.  I dislike him, immensely. I love the songs he samples from.  They’re fantastic songs.  Maybe what he’s doing is not unlike the British Invasion, where young Brits just ripped off American blues music, and sold it back to us in a new shiny package.  Only these characters are doing it a little more blatantly.  Maybe that’s not even true, had Pete Townsend possessed this type of technology at the time, he might have done the exact same thing.


There are good and bad DJ’s, just like anything else, but I find it so rare to hear something moving from this genre.  This is not to discount electronic music as a whole.  Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Fatboy Slim…there are some fantastic musicians out there.  But these people are all musicians.  They’re not some kid with Abelton and a Garageband sample pack.

The point might be, it’s too easy to create something like this.  There are endless loops at your fingertips in any of the plethora of free or easily pirated programs used to make this music.  You can easily quantize any out of time sequence.  You can pitch or time correct anything you want.  The key of a song no longer matters, Pro Tools has Elastic Time functions….making the tempo and tone of an original recording irrelevant.

Is this the true sign of the aging apocalypse?  This is the first new style of music I completely do not understand.  This must be how the previous elder generation felt about rap…punk…rock…folk…big band jazz….wow.  I feel old.