Thoughts For July

Recently, I’ve been practicing a lot.  Break out the metronome and Ted Reed’s Syncopation, and work on a different part of your brain.  Its strange how slowing something down to a fixed time keeper and playing strictly from notes from a page shakes everything up.

I also made what is perhaps the most “grownup” decision of my life thus far.  I sold my 1973 Telecaster and bought a suit.  We have a few weddings to attend, and I could only get away with the mismatched blazer and trousers look so many times.  I’m and adult male, I should have a suit. It’s made in the USA, I feel good about that.

It fits in with the constant theme of paring things down.  I want less equipment, less clothing, less technological devices.  The obvious counterpoint, is that you have more money when buying and storing less things, something everyone seems to be ok with.  Gawker had a great point about these early Dot Com Millionaires, who now fancy themselves self help gurus.  Some preach that the key to life is living simply and getting rid of possessions.  They never say get rid of your money though.  They’d like to keep it just in case they change their mind about possessions.

An opportunity has come up recently to go on tour for about a month, and it seems like the right time to do such a thing.  Although I’ve always played music, I’ve never toured beyond a 2 week period.  Life is quite unsettled when traveling with a band (the very definition of it,) and the economics have always boggled my mind.  I still don’t understand them.  But in a few years, that might not be possible.  I currently have no mortgage, no children, no high interest debt, so might as well go for it.

Its a frightening proposition though.  No one wants to be away from loved ones, and as much as I’d love not to go to the office every day…I’d like to have health insurance when I get back.  How ridiculous is that?  My main concern about embarking on a musical endeavor is whether I’d be able to afford JUST IN CASE medical care when it’s over.  Let’s not turn this into a healthcare debate though…save that for the pundits.

In my younger Jam-Band-Enthusiast days, Web Master Eric Tarn and I were in New Brunswick New Jersey to see the band Moe.  I refuse to do a Google search to see if that band is still out there, I have a hunch they are.  But on the printed newsletter they stacked by the merch, was a statement that will stick with me forever.  Under a list of tour dates, it read;

“Remember, no show is confirmed until we are on stage playing.”

That may be the greatest piece of musical advice for any fan or performer.  We were scheduled to go to Canada next weekend to play a festival…Yesterday I received an email that one of the main singers has ruptured his ear drum.  Always on your toes!

There should be a class in school called “Expectations, Reality, and Plans: A Study”

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