Wait a minute, what happened?  Where am I?  How did I get here?

All common questions, but let’s forget about those for now.  We’re back in action.

I just returned from a brief jaunt to Taiwan for the wedding of Web Master Eric Tarn, and it was a lovely time.  Let’s call it our wedding party world tour, since technically we formed a band that went through a lineup change and played 2 nights.  The performances consisted of one song one night, and 2 songs the next, and I sat in with a strange miscellaneous European dude, in Taiwan looking for a bride, who just wanted to play rockabilly tunes, but let’s not get caught up in the details.


It’s a wonder what jet lag and watery Taiwan Beer can do to a group of out of towners! There’s a strange little ex-pat music scene, where international business people go to play classic rock jams at all hours of the evening on a Wednesday.  Very strange.  It felt like we were in a Terry Gilliam movie at times, and that’s pretty much where I want to be cinematic-ally when having a surreal travel experience.


In what may have been the greatest wedding band decision of all time, a local Taiwanese Ska Band was hired for the reception, and it was fantastic.  Some old R&B covers, some traditional swing songs, all fantastic.  We even drank enough Taiwan Beer to get up and play a few numbers


Note Mr Tarn looking extra McCartney-like in his grey 3 piece suit and Hofner bass.  Was it any good?  I have no idea!  But it was a great time.   That’s all for now.  Workin on some new ideas.

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