Glass, Concrete, and Stone.

A friend reminded me of this song today.  Not that it was ever out of my mind, but it was suddenly called to attention.

I was ironically just thinking of him minutes before, and suddenly, he posted it on my little corner of everyones favorite social media site.  It’s strange how things like that work.   On one occasion, I was listening to this song walking through West Chelsea, I turn a corner, and who is walking down the block?  None other than Mr Byrne himself, wearing all white.  I took it as a sign.

There’s something frighteningly beautiful about this song.  Someone wakes up at dawn to battle the day, they’re ready to flee the city, leave it all behind, or maybe just go out and spend a day in the park.  Who knows, it could go so many places.  The chords are just so haunting!

Byrne is truly a master of capturing these indescribable feelings.  Is it a celebration?  Should you be scared out of your mind?  Probably both, mixed with a little nostalgia.  Someone once wrote “David Bryne thinks thoughts deeper than you will ever think.”  And somehow I don’t doubt that for a second.

I started on an instrumental recording of this song, using melodica instead of strings, and its pretty much the greatest thing ever.  One day it will see the light of day.

One thought on “Glass, Concrete, and Stone.”

  1. I like the idea of this song, but David Byrne’s voice distracts me too much. It sounds like has to work really hard to stay in key, or possibly that he’s singing in a thin part of his range. Am I the only one that feels this way?

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