Jealous Guy Revisited

Please forgive my ignorance, but I have no idea who Donny Hathaway is.  I was just looking over this post on Aquarium Drunkard, and came across it.  I respect and admire John Lennon, but I’m not one to proclaim my undying love for him.  I do love the song “Jealous Guy” though.

Covers are tough territory as we all know, there is so much to live up to already.  And on this subject, I was damn near sure The Faces took the cake on that one.  The classic outtake with the band in a full on argument beforehand makes you smile every time.  Its a fantastic groove, even more so than the original.

But all of a sudden, my mind was blown.  It was all over.  In retrospect, who was I to think that any english white guys could out-soul a dude named Donny Hathaway.  I literally heard Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, and the ghost of John Lennon, get up, put their coats on, and say “well, nice knowing you, fuckers”

I literally cannot stop listening to it.  That guitar line!!  Holy shit who is playing that!?  The tambourine on the intro has more soul than the collected works of American popular music in the last 40 years.  The piano is slightly out of tune, but it only enhances it.  And it’s LIVE!  I cannot believe this.

Upon closer inspection, its soul legends Willie Weeks on bass, Cody Clayton and Cornell Dupree on guitar, who seem to have played with nearly everyone on the planet.

There’s not much more to say than that. This is the correct way to start a Friday…or Tuesday, or Monday for that matter. Just listen to it.

17 thoughts on “Jealous Guy Revisited”

  1. Check out Ian McLagan’s book “All The Rage”. If I’m not mistaken, the Faces’ version of ‘Jealous Guy’ was heavily influenced by Donny Hathaway’s version.

  2. – Aloha Meridith-This is Mike and Sarah’s aunt from Hawaii i guess technically that makes me a gndmara of sorts to Cam but we won’t even go there!! You captured him and his personality perfectly. The nursery photo looks like it belongs in Cookie or Dwell!

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